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Managing your wallet has never been easier!

Improving from Mr. Ripple to Mr. Exchange, now we combine cryptocurrency native wallets and cryptocurrency exchange's trade wallet in one. Not only we have improved our security, also it's easy and convenient to manage multiple wallets, refreshing and user-friendly design and ri functions. We promise you a responsive and full-functioned trading environment with professional support staff helping you.

  • You can import and manage multiple wallets.

    It's not easy to keep track of multiple wallets. Mr. Exchange has the right solution for you. By importing your own wallet such as BitCoin wallet or other exchanges wallets, then you can easily manage everything and keep track of your balances in Mr. Exchange.

  • To deposit, withdraw and send between cryptocurrencies and fiat will always reach its' destination.

    Our address book allows you to register an external wallet or bank account, making search for destination easier. You will be able to manage destinations and human input errors will be decreased. You can easily deposit cryptocurrency into your own external wallet.

  • Low latency trading feature with professional trade indicators and cryptocurrencies exchange function.

    The design of the trade page has been revamped and the functions have been improved. The reversal for each pair of buying and selling is also added for those who aren't familiar with trading. You can trade with the any desired amount.


By importing an external wallet (native wallet), you can control all of your wallets in one screen.

You can generate external wallets (native wallets) such as Bitcoin wallet and Ethereum wallet on Mr. Exchange wallet page. In addition to confirming the balance of the external wallet (native wallet), you can easily withdraw currencies or exchange by just selecting a wallet.

Trade Wallet and Native Wallet

  • Trade wallet

    Wallet to be used in exchange for trading purposes. It involves counterparty risk such as exchange suddenly goes out of business.

  • Native Wallet

    Wallet for storing all the cryptocurrencies, such as app wallet and web based wallet which as excellent security.


Mr. Exchange's feature

Mr. Exchange has been updated, and we have implemented many excellent functions.


You can check your wallet balance for each currency directly from wallet page.


Currencies in Ripple native wallet can be sent.

Corporate Account

You can create a corporate account. Multiple accounts registration are possible.


WATCH LIST / RSS / Positions / Open Order


History logs for deposits, withdrawals, exchanges, sending, receiving and sign-in. Filter your search by date or currency pair is possible.


Affiliate statistic numbers / link information. You can check the total rewards, the number of clicks, the number of registrants.


Currency exchange directly in Ripple wallet is possible. Inverse trading is supported.


In trade wallet, it's possible to deposit and withdraw with fiat and cryptocurrencies. (Ripple Wallet is excluded).


You can set, check and change passwords, master key, auto sign-out, HOTP, TOTP.


Trade balance, address book, feedback, support & frequently asked questions.

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